CROCOPen™ is a voice pen that can read content aloud.

Combining advanced technology and inspiring learning materials, it cultivates children’s interest in learning through reading.

The Wonderful World of Interactive Learning

The built-in materials or teaching materials in CROCOPen™ allow children to read interactive books, play games, learn logic, understand visual impacts, and learn sound effects through point reading.

Unleash Children’s Infinite Imagination

CROCOPen™ provides children with a fun and interactive learning platform to unleash their infinite imagination! The teaching materials have diverse visual elements that can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

Easy to Carry

CROCOPen™ is easy to carry, just the size of a pen. Advanced technology enables CROCOPen™ to point read specially designed CROCOPen™ teaching materials. This way, children can carry CROCOPen™ with them everywhere they go.


    • Turn on your CROCOPen™
    • Click the “GO” icon on the book cover to start reading the book.
    • Click on the image, new word, or icon, and your CROCOPen™ will start point reading.
    • The book contains some black and white illustrations that children can color in with their own creativity.
    • The last two pages of the book contain game questions and related answers for parents’ reference.