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Starter Set

Size: 27.5cm(W) x 6.5cm(D) x 30.5cm(H)Inside this pack:CROCOPen

 Super Cartridge I

 Parents Guide & Instructions

 The Miracle Journey with CROCOPen

CROCOPen™ Starter Set includes a CROCOPen™, Super Cartridge and starter book – “The Miracle Journey with CROCOPen”. The talking CROCOPen™ magically brings every inch of every page of book or every piece of learning material to life with sounds, words, rhymes, games, music and more. And it’s simple – just touch the Pen to any image on the learning book to hear that word or sound spoken aloud. You can also sound out, spell, and read words, sentences and paragraphs, and even sing along to familiar songs. Each activity is designed to enable children to explore new ideas on their own, in their own style and at their own pace.

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