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Phonics Learning Kit


Size: 47cm(W) x 8.5cm(D) x 31cm(H)

Inside this pack:


 Phonics Learning Kit Cartridge

 4 pcs x Interactive Learning Books (Phonics Playtime I, II, III, IV)

 300 pcs x Phonics Flash Cards

 2 pcs x Phonics Playtime Words Sheet

 Phonics Sounds Sheet

 Parents Guide & Instructions

 Phonics Storage Case (Choice of 2 colors)

 Free 80 pcs Talking Stickers

Phonics is an important auxiliary subject in learning English. To learn English through sounds of letters and words has proven to be highly effective in helping children master reading and spelling in their early stage of learning English. With CROCOPen™ Phonics Learning Kit, children can practice phonics by themselves and listen to the phonics sounds anytime, anywhere.

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